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Vaidhyam Wellness is an integrated wellness boutique. We provides one on one healing therapies, workshops and training courses, catering to both individuals and organizations.


Silva Mind Method Hypnotherapy


Ayurvedic Counselling





`Health is the state of body, Wellness is a state of being'

We believe that the mind and the body are one holistic system and to be `well' we need to treat them as one. Each of our therapies has a different entry point, but the end goal for all is to achieve the perfect balance between mind, body and energy for a state of blissful well-being.

Featured Programs

You may be trying to manage your stress, deal with any fears or phobias, low energy, emotional traumas or any other health issue. Or you may be just looking to learn new techniques to better your state of being. Vaidhyam Wellness can help you create better balance in your life by nurturing your whole persona including spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs. Click on the featured programs for more details.

What our clients say

“Having had no formal introduction to Reiki before meeting Pooja, I can't think of anyone else better to have taken me through the journey thus far.” Having had no formal Read More

The 1st level Reiki learning session with Pooja Arora was transformational. It created immense self-awareness. I feel it enables one to achieve a higher level of clarity of thought, speech Read More

“The Reiki course with Pooja was an intense and profound experience for me.” The Reiki course with Pooja was an intense and profound experience for me. Pooja's ability to communicate Read More

“I found her intelligent, well informed, articulate and genuinely passionate about her subject.” I completed the Reiki 1 workshop with Pooja recently. I found her intelligent, well informed, articulate and Read More

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